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Cartoon Funk

by Louie Zong

Gotta get on down And outta this place I'm feelin' weird Like i need some space Good god! I can't dance! I need to mentally prepare A few days in advance Everybody seems to be Having a good time but me Maybe I'm not built for this ANXIETY Glad you guys are having fun But now i'm gonna have to run You guys keep on going, I'm gonna bounce
Coelacanth 02:53
Lazarus had nothing on you We thought you went to the celestial zoo The lungfish calls you brother And I guess that we should too Hope to see you round, oh Oh coelacanth See ya, coelacanth Hope to see you round, oh coelacanth Guess you haven't changed much Why fix what isn't broke Hope to see you round, oh Oh coelacanth Poseidon rules such a cruel domain We're glad that you're here on this mortal plane Let's face the world together Until our judgement day Hope to see you round, oh Oh coelacanth If it ain't broke don't fix it Coelacanths are still with it If it ain't broke don't fix it Cuz I hope to see you round, oh Oh coelacanth
Brainfoghorn 02:00
Since my mind set sail I've been swimming Tongue tied, it's a weird way of living Clocks are running fast or maybe they've stopped Time feels fake and my focus is shot Set sail for the high seas of Thinking Capsize on the jagged rocks, i'm sinking What's real what's fake what's up what's down I'm lost at sea and I think I gotta sound the BRAIN FOG HORN Cuz there's no way I'll make it to shore Gotta sound the BRAIN FOG HORN So I can see what I'm doing this for
Crawled up from the ocean Come to land to face my fears How far I've come in just a couple hundred million years At some point I got a backbone At some point I got a spine At some point I developed a pair of lovely eyes Now I look at you and I see the history Now I look at you and I see the mystery Now I look at you, you're a dream come true Every time I look you feel brand new The eye evolved to see you in the sunlight baby I evolved for this point in history The eye evolved to see you in such vibrant color I evolved to see you
My heart is like a jar of pickles Kinda sour kinda sweet soaked in brine No sandwich to pair with, Lower than a side dish No deep fryer I can call mine My heart is like a jar of capers A ball of salt that won't go by itself No pasta to complement, Contemplating time spent Sitting on the market shelf But no more i'll keep it tightly sealed Cuz gradually it's been revealed That its no good til its open The seal can't go unbroken Won't keep my heart all bottled up no more
Motherboard? What motherboard? Your circuitry is cardboard CPU? GPU? Ha! I feel so bad for you My name is Sam and I'm a computer man Doing calculations as fast as I can Clickity-clickity-clack that's your failing drive I'm picking up slack while your brain gets fried Supercalifragilisticexpialla OH SHIT Poppin' in to say you're short a few bits Short circuiting while you keep on freezing Fans are struggling while I'm keeping it breezy Motherboard? What motherboard? Your circuitry is cardboard CPU? GPU? Ha! I feel so bad for you Call me deep blue, Kasparov is my foe You can't solve your way out of tic-tac-toe Let's hash this out, you can't break my streak What's wrong? Did your memory leak? I outsolve you Outsolve you Leave you in the dust You know it's true
Rough Edges 02:06
Obsessing about that window dressing When it's what inside the store that counts Details crystal clear and flawless This clarity I now renounce No endless options No more resetting It's now or never I'm never letting you go Rough edges Fretting about a minor detail Can't see the forest for the trees Deciding that I'm done deciding And maybe now I'll finally feel free If there's an error We grin and bear it No second chances We're on the air right now Rough edges
Terminally ill Plugged in and online Know all there is to know Except for my own mind Sharing peer-to-peer With nothing in exchange I’m giving out my heart While I’m poisoning my brain I sleep And wake I'm real I'm fake I’m looking for the signal In the noise A signal to sing along With my digital voice
I am a playwright And my entire home is my stage Interior design is my passion And I’m busting out of my cage Come on! come on over To the garden of Swedish delights Sleek and modern living At a very affordable price A couch extended to your heart’s desire; A meeting of the minds in the hall of fire To get your dinner you gotta crawl through the wall The toilet’s at the end of a HUNDRED FOOT HALL Haha! trapped in my furniture hellscape It’s all so wrong and I made it just for you! Good luck! Trying to escape from this nightmare I don’t know the way out cuz I am trapped here too well. looks it's just you and me. hey. pass me a meatball.
Rooftop Cats 01:38
Get it out Getting rid of stuff we don't need A chair that sucks to sit in And a cable that's been bitten Mmm, spring cleaning Clean it up I sit inside my house all day Because of that I must Be always cleaning out the dust Mmm, spring cleaning Ooh, cat hair everywhere Ooh, clothes I never wear Ooh, it's getting bad Ooh, future me would be glad To get it out Getting rid of stuff we don't use Like furniture that's busted And like sauces I don't trust in Mmm, spring cleaning
I am on a quest For my father's sacred sword Unparalleled in craftsmanship in all the land The blade, the blade! Sharper than a dragon's fangs Cuts through foes like a big knife through a ham All i ever wanted was to fill his giant shoes I'll retrieve his sacred blade, there's no way that I could lose! .....Wait, what? What? What do you mean? You're telling me he stole it from a guy when he wasn't looking? What? What do you mean? You're telling me my father was a lousy good-for-nothing? No! I don't believe you! Foul demon begone So you're telling me - That he stole a sword to impress the ladies? And - furthermore - That he was a no good crook who would steal from a baby? No! I don't believe you! Lying beast begone! I am on a quest for my father's sacred blade I know it's so strong and so cool People lie and besmirch my father's name - Bronkius Bonehead The Village Fool (god rest his soul)
Virtual Home 01:33
The man upstairs is breathing down my neck And the people wait and they wait so viciously If the little guys I find Deep in the cartoon mines Don’t satisfy, then all hell breaks loose Maybe things aren’t the way that they used to be Well things are better and worse and just the same as ever And even if we strike that gold We can’t keep doing this until we grow old The cartoon mines will claim us in the end I just wanna draw a little picture (a little picture) Just wanna play a little song (a little song) But when problems seem so big Sometimes it feels just a little bit wrong I just wanna tell a little story (a little story) I just want to feel just fine (just fine) But when things get down to the wire I’ll take another shift in the mines Cartoon mines, the cartoon mines Dig around, see what you find You might have fun, you might get canned In this weird little Neverland Cartoon mines, the cartoon mines We make you laugh, while we want to cry We would move on, but it’s all we know so sit back and enjoy the show
Only A Toad 01:59
Another day, another coin to my name That's all I get for being part of the game It's kinda unfair, they're just out on the road! But i'm not a hero, I am only a toad I'm not a hero, I am only a toad Now I may be short but I've got my skillset For pulling vegetables I'm your best bet I need a cough drop for my very sore throat But i'm not a hero, I am only a toad I'm not a hero, I am only a toad My brethren have worked for you for years And toads we always do what we've been told But maybe we shouldn't be such fun guys anymore Maybe it's time to revolt But we won't...cuz.... I'm not a hero, I am only a toad



A full album distillation of my "default" songwriting style - goofy and funky, paleontology and science, full of wobbly free VSTs and weird vocoders, with a bit of crunch on top!

Also, not very good singing. Hey, I'm working on it!

Thanks for listening <3


released June 17, 2022


all rights reserved



Louie Zong Los Angeles, California

a cheerful guy making cheerful tunes

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